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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

    We want to provide you the best backup solution.

    We want to provide you the best backup solution

    We are here to answer your questions

    Logical Backup is designed with simplicity in mind. If you have any questions before signing up for our services, chances are we have the answers you are looking for in our FAQ’s below.

    If you still have questions and you can’t find the answers you are are looking for, please contact us by clicking on the link below.

    Top questions about Logical Backup

    Why backup your files?

    Murphy’s law states, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” Bad things happen to computers and files all the time. Hard drives crash, laptops get lost or stolen, viruses damage or destroy files and files are accidently deleted from your systems. Backing them up to an external disk drive and an online backup service provider is the real way to protect them.

    Why should I use Logical Backup?

    Logical Backup uses sophisticated software to backup all your files online and to an external storage drive connected to your computer.

    What is Logical Backup and how does it work?

    Logical Backup is a remote backup solution. To use Logical Backup, you setup a simple program on your computer that will manage your backups automatically. It keeps track of all your files that are backed up and whenever you create a new file or modify existing ones, the backup program sends encrypted copies of those files over your high-speed internet connection to our data center.

    When I back up my information, is it secure?

    Yes, your backups are private and secure and you are the only one that has access to them. Your data is encrypted using military grade encryption before it leaves your computer. Next, your data is transmitted to our servers using a secure socket layer (SSL) security technology (like banks do). Your data remains encrypted and stored at our state-of-the-art data center on highly reliable, redundant disk arrays.

    Can I restore lost files?

    Yes you can easily restore your files when you need them once they are backed up using Logical Backup. Using your Logical Backup software, it’s as easy as finding and selecting the file(s) or folder(s) in the list of backed up files and clicking "Restore."

    What are the requirements for using Logical Backup?

    You need a computer and high speed Internet connection to use our service. Our online backup service will support computer(s) running Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, 2008, Vista and XP) , Apple (Mac OS X), Linux, SUN Solaris and Novell Netware operating systems.

    How much does Logical Backup cost and what do I get for it?

    See the pricing plans on our Signup page for the different plans we offer.

    Our backup software uses sophisticated technology to compress and maintain the integrity of your data before they are transmitted and stored on our servers. This gives you up to 40% more storage capacity, and faster backup speeds over your Internet connection per file.

    Can I use my account to backup multiple computers?

    Unlike some of our competitors, Logical Backup does not put a restriction on the number of computers you can backup using your account. You can choose the right amount of storage for your needs on our Signup page. Whether you are a small office, a large enterprise, or just need a family plan to backup multiple computers, you can use one account to backup all your computers.

    Can I change or upgrade my plan if I need more online storage space?

    Yes. Simply log into the My Account section of our website and upgrade or change your plan.

    I've signed up for your service, but did not receive an email. What now?

    Sometimes a message can get blocked by your spam filter or sent to your junk mail folder. If you don't get your email activation, check your junk mail or spam folder. You can always contact our support by clicking here.

    If I cancel before my free trial is up will I be charged?

    The free trial is for 30 days. You will not get charged if you cancel within thirty days. On our signup page we display the exact date when your free trial ends. As long as you cancel prior to that date you will not be charged.